Parov Stelar at The Fox Oakland

Finally made it to a show at the Fox and what a blast. Literally. If you have a “floor” ticket, you’ll be right up front where the AC blows up from the floor. Wear a skirt and you can dance for hours.

The atmosphere of the restored theater is amazing. The people who work there are cool too. Friendly and welcoming. They have a smoking area, but honestly, by the end of the night the theater was so full of marijuana smoke you didn’t need to go outside or light up.

I couldn’t quite figure out where/why all the European hipsters came from. Stelar is from Austria, but that seemed like a stretch. Then, it was revealed … they were on their way to Coachella. cleaopanther

But, the Fox was their first West Coast performance ever. Quite an honor for Oakland and those who love electro swing, rock and just plain good dance music.

Not just your average DJ, Stelar is a skilled producer and brought together an amazing team of musicians and a lead singer that was positively entrancing. And that voice! Her name is Cleo Panther (and she was as lovely as we imagine Cleopatra to have been). And, such energy!

After the concert, I hopped on the 40 bus and went home by myself. Perhaps next time they come to the US they will have a night off and we can have an after party at my place. Hey – a grrl can dream, right?!



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