Bootstrap it! Or, “The Ranch – New drivel from Netflix”

Recently read an interview of Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson on their new show The Ranch.

I gotta ask why. And, why now?! Why do we need another show about hyper-masculine, bearded men that panders to that very demographic of dinosaurs? One that encourages us to grab a beer or whisky (mentioned twice for future product placement pitches no doubt) and to unbuckle the belts on our big fat American bellies?

Their struggle? How to get their act together in a world that makes it difficult for so many. I also take exception to this idea, generally perpetuated by white men, that people can “get back on their feet” without help. In what world is that NOT the gold standard? Being able to “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps”?! That’s all one ever hears in this demographic!

So guys, I’ve got news from you. For those who were born barefoot, or have had the straps on their boots torn off, it’s not possible without help. And, very few of us have that Sam Elliot type of Daddy Protector these two characters have. Just ask any Mama.



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