And that lovely sarcastic side of me replies, “tell me something I don’t know”. But in all sincerity, it doesn’t ever lose it’s luster for me. The scenery and natural beauty of the area that is.

You probably check out my social media sites and think I really get around and have probably seen it all, right? Wrong. There are a a LOT of places I’d still like to visit here.

One or two great ones have been checked out on the surface. When I sold advertising, I’d call on many local attractions. And, that was a great way to use a work day, indeed

Those sort of interactions often netted me a comp admission, but being a busy single mother at the time made it tough to go to all of them. Honestly, I do feel like someone who lives next door to Yosemite and has never been inside the park though, when I remind myself I’ve never been to John Muir Redwoods for instance.

My excuse? I have lived in the Redwoods along the coast near Santa Cruz several times in my life. Silly but valid.

At one point, I had a great sounding address for an old loggers cabin. It was on Lindbergh Avenue in Redwood Estates (a somewhat ironic name for the place). It was filled with Redwood trees, ferns, creeks and critters. And unfortunately, earthquakes too (lived there during the Loma Prieta of 1987).

There are other places I feel I must see soon, too including Chabot Space & Science Center. I’ve gotten a tour, but not done anything hands-on yet. However, a place like that is much more fun when you have a kid with you (time to scoop up a grandchild and get there. Duh!).

There’s nothing like a small child and hands-on science exhibits, telescopes and animatronics. Taking a small child through The Jungle Ride when they actually still think the animals are real is hilariously good fun too! But, then again, I’m a terrible teaser. The whole family is.

“Let’s scare the child by jumping out from around the corner! Let’s make ’em believe Santa was just here! Let’s threaten to throw ’em to the lions or off the side of our “boat”, in the jungles of Anaheim. I’ve even heard of some kids being dangled over the alligators in the old California Academy of Sciences aquarium. Silly humans. It’s a theme in my life ok?!

I read somewhere it is also an “Irish Thang” to do that – laugh at everything remotely adverse, tease each other incessantly to “toughen each other up”, and if you’re really smarty, do it all with just a few words or a glance. After all, you want the whole room of celebrants roaring in laughter with you, right? (Total sidenote & spoiler alert: I’m part Scotch-Irish, but apparently they got “lumped in” with “those Irish people” when they immigrated here to avoid starvation.)

At any rate, here are a few photos of the local scenery – “natural” and urban – from right here in Oaktown CA. Some might even call the Port area scary, but nothing ever jumped out. I promise.


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