Love our Lake Day and Climate Ralley WITH Bicycle Music Festival

Growing up in Sacramento I had rivers all around. That was great on a hot summer day. Here we have beaches and Lake Merrit. Lake is a misnomer though, since it is actually fed from the San Francisco Bay. Once a cesspool, it is watched over and carefully tended to by volunteers and others. It’s been amazing to see Manta Rays, Otters and other wildlife (besides birds and fish) start to populate it. It seems to increase each year, since I moved here in 2003.

The Lake is often much cooler than my home in the Maxwell Park area of Oakland, and it’s been such a welcome respite.

Are we encountering the end effects of Global Warming? Hard to know for sure. We humans have spent thousands of years worrying about “the end”. But, we talk and listen and we dance and play music. There are several legacies I’d like to see our generation leave behind for my grandchildren, and their grandchildren. One is that art, music and literature are the most important things you can leave behind outside of progeny, and two is that taking care of our planet is something that needs to continue improving.


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