Two little old men who loved eachother

I found out what homosexuality was fairly young. I didn’t actually know that’s what it was called though. I just knew that there were two sweet little old man on our block who lived together.

I feel lucky to have the parents I do. My mother was a librarian for a while and would answer any question with a straight face. Any. My Dad is an intellectual and very intelligent. He reads a lot on scientific stuff and nerdy things like computers. They’re both college graduates. I’m a lot like both of them.

For them to tell me, in such a straightforward manner, that being gay or homosexual just meant that “two people of the same gender live together just like two people of the opposite gender might”, is pretty amazing I’ve learned. Having parents who give you the 411 without dogma are extremely rare. For most parents, handing down “cherished beliefs” is all they care about, regardless of how “true” they are or how much they’ve actually researched those things on their own.

PS It wasn’t until many years later that I learned what a transsexual or transvestite was, or what terms like “cross-dresser” and “drag queen” mean. It’s still hard for me to tell them all apart, and that is the point I guess. At first, I actually thought Laverne Cox, actress (pictured right) was a woman playing a trans! I obviously have a long way to go. 

Laverne Cox
At any rate, I’m enjoying this new-found freedom and “renaissance” in America where we’re free to explore who/what we want to be. And, allow who we are, at the essence of our being, to emerge. Every human being has that right, right?


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