Fun on Folsom Street – about as far from the ‘burbs as it gets

When I was young(er) and wild(er) and still at home my parents would complain/brag about how I acted at age 14. “We wanted to put her in a cage!” they declared. Well, I finally got my chance last week at Bondaga-A-GoGo at the Cat Club in San Francisco, when “Vyl”, one of the male GoGo Dancers pulled me up on stage and into the cage.

There is no photographic evidence of my cage dance, or dancing with drag queens, dykes, and “mostly bisexuals” as Mark the dance manager declared to the stranger we dragged in off the street.

Suffice it to say, no one was hurt, unless they made a formal request and waited in line in the well-lit back room. And, even then, it was pretty tame. Sort of reminded me of a trip to the Principal’s office in 6th Grade (yes, they still had corporal punishment back then, even in California).

All in all, there were cool people, great drinks/bartenders, awesome dance tunes, and a diverse group ranging in age, ethnicity and “orientation”.

If you’d like to hear more, give a listen here. It’s my first AUDIO BLOG POST and I’d love to know what you think. Oh, and though there are is no photography allowed inside, I did manage to convince a couple of folks to take snapshots of me, Vyl the GoGo Dancer (and part time Vampire) and “Justin” from Sacramento, who just happened to be strolling by and could not resist joining in on our sidewalk merriment. He could, however, resist the back room. “That’s just not my kind of weird”, he said.

BAGG william just2 BAGG william just william young white shaved gogo goth


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