Tourettes Without Regrets Starring Zero and a million others

FINALLY went to see this show, May 7 with a friend from SF (William Lucas, performer, Shaman, more).

The show lived up to the hype. It was really wild, and the fans. Oh, the fans. It was one of those last-minute deals, when I should have been home doing something more “responsible”. But, taking in culture is important, right?! So I got on the list, threw on a wig and my leather jacket, and headed for the #40 bus.

Zero the performer (Photo by Jody Lyon)There were so many amazing segments to this show, it’s hard to know where to start. Jamie DeWolf is an amaing Emcee and looks damn good doing it. That is if you like painfully thin readheads, like I do! His wife surely does too, so I’ll be good.

Anyway, back to the show. My favorites were Jordan Joel the Cortonist and a performer known only as Zero, who claims he, enjoys “pushing his body and mind ‘to the limit’. The sole motivation of this is to make audience members as uncomfortable as possible. It worked for the most part. For someone who’s been sliced and diced over the years, and given birth three times, it seemed like a cake walk. Just kidding. He truly looked like a wonderfully bastardized version of Jesus on the cross. I thought, wow. Fuck. THAT IS ART.

Another stand out and awesome surprise was seeing the world-famous Cello Joe back the Special Beat-Box Music Set by Syzgy.

There were your usual Fire dancers, which are always fun to watch, and this show too had a Star Wars theme (it’s been a thang lately here in the Bay Area 😉

Slammaster- KRYSTAL ASHE was rad, too. So nice to see barriers broken in this show. I hear they have one more at the Oakland Metro June 4th, then they are moving to a new location. Details can be found at



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