Flaming Lotus Girls, Airpusher, and NIMBY held their 3rd Annual Steampunk Masquerade Promenade: starring “Serpent Mother”, a giant sculpture that is lit up with fire at night. They hadn’t turned on the heat for a couple of years, so everyone involved seemed ecstatic. First timers like me were certainly taken aback, too. The work and craftsmanship that went into the skeleton, head … all of it. From where I sat the crowd was welcoming and friendly, even to an outsider like me. And, the costumes really wowed.
One of the best ear hustles was, “I think I went to Burning Man tonight!”. There was live music and dancing to DJ’s on multiple stages, one of which my escort hire to work an hour as a gogo dancer. Lucas is an incredibly good dancer, and fun to watch, especially in 5″ lucite platforms. (I still haven’t been to Burning Man, but it’s on my bucket list. Between this event and one held recently on the other side of town at American Steel have given me a good taste of why so many are drawn there year after year.
Lucas and I had a chance to meet a young woman named Siren, who was born at Burning Man. She sure seemed like a happy, well-adjusted young woman. Warm and friendly, she bid adieu with “See you on the Playa!”. Yes, Siren, I’d like that too.
About NIMBY Space: What is NIMBY?
A place to create the impossible, the new, the ridiculous, the exiting and most importantly, the never seen before. It is the largest do-it-yourself industrial art space in the Bay Area with over 40 different art groups and craftsmen in the shop.
NIMBY not only offers space to create, but supports its artists with resources, assistance in sourcing re-purposed material, as well as logistical and technical guidance. This supportive culture shared by all members of the NIMBY community is at the root of the amazing art that emerges from its doors. NIMBY is the hub for creativity that boggles the mind and fosters community values that encourage collaboration and innovation.
Over the years, the concept of our community has brought together talented and diverse local artists who have created an impressive body of work. NIMBY has been the largest workspace/gallery of its kind in the City of Oakland and continues to provide a workspace, storage and display area – a one-stop shop for big, innovative art.

web-2113Photo by Clody Cates

web-2148Photo by Clody Cates

web-2245Photo by Clody Cates

web-2148Photo by Clody Cates

Justine William Lucas 2015 SteampunkAuthor Justine tenZeldam (pictured right) and her escort William Lucas, aka Vyl


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