Oakland Museum’s Dios de Los Muertos Celebration

I am definitely looking forward to the Oakland Museum’s Dios de Los Muertos Celebration this year, on Sunday, October 26, 2014 (photos here are from 2012). Apparently, it’s their 20th anniversary celebration, so I’m expecting even more amazement this go ’round!

Last year there were many amazing altars to the dead as the day itself is set aside to honor loved ones who have passed. Other cool features are the sugar skulls and Calaveras face painting people have done to themselves, and as more permanent art in many forms.

The vendors and the crowd are quite enchanting, and it’s in such an enjoyable setting – outdoors in the gardens and throughout of the Museum itself. I might also join in on the craft activities and watch a cooking demonstration too, while I’m there. After all, Mexican food is one of my main food groups haha!

Last year they had top notch art and entertainment, and this year sounds like it will be no different. They’ll have Mariachi Los Halcones de Oakland (Traditional Mariachi), Los Cenzontles Juvenil (Son Jorocho Music and Dance Ensemble), Marimba Ixim Tinamit (Marimba Ensemble), and La Misa Negra (Cumbia)

For more on the event or to get your tickets: http://museumca.org/event/20th-anniversary-days-dead-community-celebration

DayDead2012.1 DayDead2012.3 DayDead2012.4 DayDead2012


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