Heading South East to Maxwell Park (East Oakland?! Sort of ;)

I will soon be relocating to a cool neighborhood in “East Oakland” (anything east of Lake Merritt they say). It is known as Maxwell Park and is new to me. Should be fun checking it out. My new bus route will be “the 40” and I’ll pick it up around 55th and Foothill.
To one side of Foothill is Maxwell Park, with it’s lovely craftsman bungalows and stunning views. On the other side, it looks a little rough. The Fairfax Theater has been turned into a church and there are a number of vacant store windows. Of course, where ever I go I tend to draw in cool people, fun characters and ok, maybe just a few crazies. Gotta stick together ha!
This photo is from Foothill Blvd. The fashion is anything but suburban …
On Maxwell Park from Wikipedia: “Maxwell Park is a neighborhood in Oakland, California located in the foothills of Oakland and is known for its close knit community (made up largely of middle-class professionals)[citation needed] and relatively low crime rate. It is geographically bordered by MacArthur Blvd, High Street, Trask Street, Foothill Blvd, and 55th Avenue and is adjacent to Mills College, I-580, Brookdale Park, and the Fairfax neighborhood. It lies at an elevation of from 138 feet to its highest point of 266 feet on Knowland Ave (42 m).”
Many of the homes in the neighborhood have panoramic views of the Oakland hills to the north, to Alameda and San Francisco Bay to the west.” Note: I can see the edge of the Bay when I’m on tip toes looking out of my living room window.
Yup. Once again I can say, “Oh, lucky me”!


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