Farmer Joe’s Marketplace shows it’s love in the Dimond

Farmer Joe's Marketplace shows it's love in the Dimond

Every now and then you are pleasantly surprised by the generosity of the locals here in Oakland. Often in fact. But, it isn’t often a grocery store throws a party for it’s customers, hiring a live band and serving food. And, it wasn’t just any old food. Sure, there were fresh grilled hot dogs and hamburgers, but there were also bites of gourmet meats, desserts, sausages, potato salad, macaroni salad, corn on the cob, and even grilled, seasoned prawns. Yum! The short line – that you could go through as often as you’d like — moved quickly, as the owner greeted those waiting with “thank you’s” and friendly conversation. She seemed to know many by name, or face, and took time to ask how their lives were going, and how their families were.
The occasion was their anniversary, and it couldn’t have happened on a nicer day – the Summer Solstice. Even though it was a little cloudy in the first part of the day, it still felt like “blue skies” as the vocalist in the band suggested. Too bad they didn’t have any cards out, or I could mention their name here. Ah, musicians. They are not marketers tstl!
[Photo: Portion of the mural on side of store. Note: they have a second location in the Laurel District. It’s smaller but still nice! They’re open every day but Thanksgiving and Christmas. For more


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