The Orange Crush

orange crush donk oakland may 2014Every head in the bar turned towards the door, as a thumping stereo caught our attention. We all sat and watched as this bright orange custom vehicle – a Donk – parallel parked. I turned to the young man next to me and asked, “how’s that for an entrance?”. He looked like he’d seen a celebrity, exclaiming, “That’s the Orange Crush!”. Apparently, the car is famous in Oakland, and for good reason. It is quite a creation.

After gazing upon this vehicular wonder, I asked the young man if he’d heard “the good news about Oakland”. He looked totally perplexed and replied, “No, what news?”

Why the good news about the steep drop in violent crime, I replied. According to recent reports, “Shootings have plummeted 35 percent so far this year from last year. Homicides are down 18 percent (to 28 as of May 11).Robberies have also dropped significantly. There have been 1,076 so far this year – 38 percent less than this time last year.” (SF Gate May 19, 20141).

He scoffed at this notion, and said, “it’s probably because everyone has their own gun [for protection]!” Ah, jaded youth. My reply was that it was probably due to the decline in use of hard drugs and the embracing of cannabis culture. He agreed that could be part of it. But, honestly, no one knows for sure. The business people think it’s a quicker response time on the part of police – and that obviously makes a difference – but, being the optimist I am I like to think there are greater forces at work. Small and large forces, that include everything from neighborhood watch groups and community groups pulling together, to the upsurge in prayer and meditation circles. A quick glance at reveals several dozen such groups. Some call themselves “Christian”, some “Zen Buddhist” and at least one refers to themselves as being involved in “Compassion Technology”2. Compassion Technology?! Now that sounds like a group full of nerdy philosophers. Gotta run. Time to sign up for a meetup!

1 SF Gate Article

2 Compassion Technology Meetup group


2 thoughts on “The Orange Crush

  1. Thank you so much for admireing and posting my car.It costed a little over 12k to fix it up like this.I rebuilt the motor transmission and suspension my self the real reason I chose orange crush because I’m allergic to citrus and I attened exclusives high school a long none warrior.I wanted to change the presciption of how people thought of me being Dj occupy the car was a image to show people its a very unique person behind the will now people see me on the streets and they say hay Mr crush I even sign autographs and give out orange crush products from soda cans to gum and crush candy it make me feel good to see people expressions when I pull up next to them its a joy to do it for the people sincerely Dj occupy aka Mr crush

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