A walk through the ‘hood

Even though we need the rain – and today we’ve gotten some – I can’t help but enjoy all the foliage here in my neighborhood. This little Geranium just couldn’t wait for Spring. Funny, this suburban neighborhood has few lawns, but a lot of foliage. Most of it seems to be droughtImage resistant. You don’t see too much water running down the gutters, though there were some folks out washing their cars over the weekend. A pretty blonde was outside, hosing off her shiny red sports car. Then, as I headed up the block, a “black” man was rinsing off his Dodge (they ARE very popular here with African American men and women). I miss the days where there were tons of Cadillac’s in certain neighborhoods, but I also enjoy today’s mix of ethnic groups. Besides, some of those new Chrysler products are pretty sweet! But, I digress.  It really is diverse, here in Oakland. When I was growing up on 36th and T Street in Sacramento, there was the “white” neighborhood and the “black” one (Oak Park). It’s not that we didn’t cross lines to play or ride bikes together, it’s just how it was.

At any rate, after the display of suburban normalcy in washing cars out in the driveway, I reached the end of my block. There sits a large house, with a big back yard and patio. It was open that day, and the area was filled with women and children chatting away in what sounded like Vietnamese. They too were running the hose, but not to wash a car or to impress anyone. They were plucking chickens! All those weird roosters sounds that have been coming and going? Well, now I know.

My next goal is to find out if any of them speak English and talk about how I, too, can partake. Of course, I’m not going to want to get messy. I’ll raise my own meat – have done so before – but butchering is still beyond my capacity. No matter how cool it might seem here in Oaktown, CA or (gasp) Southeast Asia!


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