So Cal suburbs can be super sweet

So Cal suburbs can be super sweet

Visited the Southern California suburbs of Santa Monica this week. It’s been over 25 years since I was last there. My, how it’s changed. The Pier has a giant, new Ferris Wheel powered with solar. It’s cleaned up all over, and there’s new construction all around. The beach, and the streets, were clean as a whistle, and the Promenade really took it “over the top” for me. The three long blocks of shops and restaurants, as was the case for over a century. But, it has since been modernized, with renovations completed in 2007. The 3-block stretch is closed to motorized vehicles, and jammed with locals and tourists alike. There’s a Big Blue Bus you can take there from Downtown for $2, so I started to spot the obvious shoppers, tourists and locals. On a Tuesday morning, nattily dressed business folk crowd aboard the Bus, going the opposite direction, too.
Several things stood out about this public transit experience. One was the drivers and their patience with passengers. The passengers were gracious as well, helping disabled strangers and running after those who left belongings behind. Not very many seemed to be heads down into their smartphone, or even have ear buds going. So, they were obviously more tuned into one another.
One morning, I stood next to a couple with a toddler (2-3 years old). They boarded the bus and wound up right in front of me. As the father held his child, I noticed he was wearing a little Porkpie Hat (aka Stingy Brim). He was so beautiful, I thought me might be a girl, until I saw the hat, how was dressed and the little blue truck in his hand. He kissed his father, and his father, kissed him back. Then he kissed him again. This went on for a few adorable moments. Then, it got silly, and they went on to something else. Being a long bus ride, I didn’t look up again until we were nearing the end of our ride. I was brought out of my “reading trance” by the sound of the boy making little smacking noises with his mouth. He really knew how to make an annoying sound as toddlers do haha! But, it was still cute to me, being a grandmother and all. After about 60 seconds of this, he fell asleep in his father’s arms, with nary an admonishment from Mom or Dad. And as Dad passed the little boy to Mom, I realized then I had witnessed a moment of tenderness that you don’t see too often in modern society. How refreshing I thought! Then, I thought “Wow, how touching”, and yes, a little tear welled up in my eye. Have I done that now, for you here today? Tears of joy are always a good thing, IMHO, so I truly hope so. Either way, won’t you please let me know?


2 thoughts on “So Cal suburbs can be super sweet

  1. Took the bus once years ago from Flower St in LA to Santa Monica. It took over three hours. I was the only passenger and the driver was surly. Glad its better now.

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