Old fashioned crime prevention in Oakland

With three adults living here, there’s almost always someone home. We are not the type to worry about crime, but we do lock the doors when we leave. Problem is, our old door is swollen with winter moisture, and does not close all the way without a good yank. Usually that’s no problem, but if all three of us go out and the last one doesn’t give it that good yank the door can fly open. This obviously worried our little dogs when it happened the other day. We’ve been hearing about it all week from our neighbors, and especially our postal carrier, Crystal who’s become a friend of ours over the past year. She was standing by her mail truck enjoying a break, when the dogs approached her barking loudly. She knows the dogs, so she did not pull out the pepper spray. Scrappy and Hobo kept barking. Scrappy nipped at her heels, as though he was trying to herd her upstairs to our place (odd behavior for a Chihuahua Terrier mix tstl). She gave in and went up and sure enough, the door was wide open. Thinking fast, she left our package with the neighbor upstairs and told her the story. Apparently, others on our street witnessed the incident, or she told them about it, because we’ve heard the tale from at least one other person now. Too funny. So, that’s what happens on my street in Oakland, Ca. Hmmm. Starting to feel more and more like the suburbs!  


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