Don’t like spiders and snakes? Don’t read this! ;)

Been thinking about spiders and their symbolism. Was told I was like a spider once, with my legs reaching out for information and spreading the news (during my days as a reporter). My Mother is terrified by them, but I don’t mind them a bit. If it’s a Daddy Long Legs it stays in the house, so it can eat the “bad” spiders that actually bite (those are carefully put outside).

That’s one thing you don’t see a lot of in an urban, or suburban setting like this — spiders. They building managers make sure of that. So, they tend to stay in the hills, and come down only when necessary. Or, easy, apparently. A small batch of babies either hitched a ride, or hatched, on an AC Transit bus last night. A funny looking woman kept saying she saw spiders, but none of us could see them. Her husband just sat there mute, wondering if she was hallucinating, I guess. She kept insisting and pointing, and finally the rest of us spotted the micro-spider running up and down a partition. Funniest part is, the two gals next to said spider (actually turned out to be several) were completely unfazed. One was a young lady too busy on her smartphone to look up for more than a moment, let alone change seats. The other gal was an older Southeast Asian woman. Probably a local though. She had such a cool, punk rock look, with her salt and pepper hair, headband and Converse sneakers. In fact, she seemed to be looking on with delight, rather than anything resembling fear. Of course, when you live in a big city like Oakland (it is larger than SF geographically) there are probably much bigger fish to fry than a dust spec of arachnid.

PS The funniest part was the woman who spotted them hopping off the bus, early, in apparent shock (disgust?) at the rest of us!


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