Oakland CA Oaktoberfest off the hook!

Oakland CA  Oaktoberfest off the hook!

OK, it’s time to start telling everyone how awful it is, so the crowd dies down, LOL. Tell them it’s dry, dusty … JK. What a great event they put on here in The Dimond. Despite petty crime, burglaries and robberies, it also attracts some GREAT energy in the form of the businesses and residents who shop there. Mental note: must check out the new Tea House, The Hive, and the Halal grocery. It’s supposed to be owned by some people from Yemen. Perhaps they’re related to the owners of the West Point Market, the only others I know from that region. Funny, how tied Oakland is to Calaveras. But, I digress. The Oaktoberfest, here in the “burbs” of Oakland, CA is amazing. New and old styles of music, dance and more. Next year, hope to see bigger kids area with seating and shade for parents. Lots of free water. More shady areas. Bigger badder REAL Root Bier Garden (some folks do take that art seriously too after all). And, last but not least a BIG STAGE for Cello Joe. We couldn’t hear/find him over the impromptu skate park. Another cool area and one that returns, I hope. Just don’t try to put the subtle beauty of someone like Cello Joe next to it!
PS Looking to hear some cool stories from one of the attendees, Rock Paper Scissor of Oakland, CA? Come to the Bicycle Art Salon Fri. Oct. 18 @7pm!


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