Dimond in the rough starting to shine

Dimond in the rough starting to shine

Good things coming this way!
Always have to believe that, lol. But, it seems to be true in the case of The Dimond District. One of our beloved fashion and art retailers, Oaklandish, is on the way! It’s going to be near the French Bakery, and across from the local “green” market. Can’t wait. Now I know where to do some Xmas shopping! Www.Oaklandish.org
Also, this weekend, is a huge community celebration, the Oaktoberfest. With a root bier garden, and a regular one, there’s going to be something for everyone; dancing, art, games and my favorite, MUSIK! The world famous Cello Joe will be there, too. How can you not love a beat-boxing, cello player who tours exclusively on bicycle. If you’ve not heard or seen before, here’s a nice glimpse of his Ted Talk. http://youtu.be/2vv7r4H3zrE


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