Oakland income disparity contributing to crime?

 One cannot talk about Oakland without talking about crime. A recent sad, and shocking, event occurred with some commuters being robbed at gun point while they waited for their ride to The City. This was in the Rockridge area of Oakland, where median income was $113,523 in 2011 (compared to say East Oakland where it was $39,045).

Were these young men simply envious of those who have jobs? Or, desperate? Or both?! Not much for a former high school football star out there, after all. I’ve suggested to some in leadership – both corporate leaders and our elected officials – that they provide a few things to keep our young people from getting off track. If you don’t provide something for this high energy segment, they get in big trouble. I sometimes envy the Mormon doctrine of sending their young men out on a mission, lol. But, seriously, the solution is so simple: 1) provide free wifi in low income areas 2) equip them all with smart phones. This would allow them to become part of the “sharing community”, where a hustler can make good money. If you can take advantage of Lyft, TaskRabbit or Airbnb it can make all the difference in the world, financially. After all, if we weren’t able to, we’d no longer be here either. The Bay Area is an amazing and wonderful place to live. But, the difference between the haves and have-nots has become too great. You know, the more things change the more they stay the same!

PS As I write this my husband is fixing the outer entry of our building. Someone was definitely trying to break, thinking we were at work or ??. The dogs were being walked, so they did not warn me. Thank God I have someone here to watch over me (along with some serious guardian angels!)



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