Plan D can sometimes be delightful (sorry, I know “dope” would have sounded better ;)

One of the many things I love about Oakland is it’s proximity to San Francisco, CA. Who here doesn’t? It’s hard to imagine anyone iving here who doesn’t take advantage of this. SF is a world-class city that people come from around the world to visit (16.5 million visitors in 2012 according to ). My son, his wife and three children age 9, 2 and 1 hopped in their minivan and drove up from their home in Hayward, CA. The destination? Golden Gate Park and the Tour de Fat festival, a free show for everyone that centers around bicycles (more on that later). As we approached the Bay Bridge, there was something strange in the air. Rain. And, lots of it. The first rain and who knows – a sporting event on TV perhaps – but there was NO traffic on the bridge. (Also my first drive under the new span and it looks really cool as you ride along under the tall white lights.) As it was still raining when we got there, we switched to plan b (made up a plan b that is). We headed for the Sony store in the Metreon, to play video games and poke around. Except, it looks like it’s been changed into a Target. No more Sony store, just a huge food court and some movie theaters. Too early for a movie, we go to Plan C, the Carousel at Yerba Buena Gardens. But, thanks to the Larry Ellison show (Oracle World) it was closed! We press on and Plan D finally pans out. It’s the Children’s Creativity Museum. Wow. There are rooms and activities for every age group from building block houses with big, soft bricks, you can then destroy to an animation studio. If you have not been, go. Go now! They’re adjacent to Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, at 221 4th Street, 94103. For more see


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