Intro, first BLOG post

OK, commitment is always scary, but here goes lol. This blog is about my journey from the toney suburbs of Los Gatos, CA to West Point, CA and finally Oakland, CA where I now call home. I plan to stay in Oakland for the time being, but I seem to have a bit of gypsy in me, so who knows. Of course, gypsies probably travel more than a 100 mile radius (With the exception of 3 years in LA I’ve never lived anywere but the Bay Area, or nearby Gold Country). I really do love Oakland and most of it’s inhabitants. When I first moved here, I felt like a “fish out of water”. It seemed like there were black people everywhere, and even though I was not raised a racist, it was still startling to see after spending 14 years in the hills. Once I let that go, and looked up from my stride, I realized that they folks here have a certain “Southern Charm” to them. At least the black folks. They always tip their hat or say hello, when you pass them on the street (even the teenagers). It’s a show of respect to your neighbors and elders, of which at the age of 48 I surely am now! The funy part is though, is that the white people tend to ignore you, or everyone, I guess. They seem to be either so filled with fear of catching the eye of a stranger or simply anti-social or altogether misanthropic. Sad, really.
So, there it is my first musing on life in Oakland post suburbs/country home! Thanks for listening.


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